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Million Dollar Lead Magnet Workshop

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The ultimate workshop for crafting a powerful resource that attracts and nurtures your ideal clients, leading them straight to your high-ticket offers.  

Million Dollar Lead Magnet is the workshop that will help you choose your lead magnet, create brand authority, and generate paying clients.

Learn how to generate qualified leads from a single resource that warms up the leads well before you've ever had to speak to them.

This workshop will help you create that resource. Your most aligned, qualified leads will be ready to invest in your high-ticket offers.

You'll book the exact clients you created your programs and services for. Your lead magnet will become your sales team, and you will be a sought-after leader.

Here's what you'll learn when you register for this on-demand workshop: 

1. Learn the simple framework that ensures you have a lead magnet that actually attracts qualified leads for your high-ticket offers and not just freebie lovers. You will easily choose the lead magnet that suits your schedule and personality so you can attract leads on autopilot.

2. See how every lead magnet type has been used to generate clients for offers ranging from as low as $297 to as high as $100,000. 

3. Implement this marketing strategy to generate leads for both high-ticket services and coaching programs without the need for upsells and downsells. You don't need to be good at sales. You just need a tool to build trust and showcase your expertise. Simply create your lead magnet and watch the leads come every month.  

To help make the lead magnet creation process easier, this workshop comes with a few resources:

1. A workbook to help create every aspect of your lead magnet

2. Email sequence templates so you aren't staring at a blank page and can write and upload your email sequence right away

3. A lead magnet toolkit with Canva graphics and live samples of each lead magnet type to get you started