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Marketing Momentum Blueprint- 5-Day Email Workshop

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Your content should be making you money.

And after Marketing Momentum Blueprint, it will.

Build your foundation for the type of content that will resonate with the people who are ready to buy in just 5 days.

Created specifically for high ticket service providers and coaches, Marketing Momentum Blueprint is a digestible marketing strategy workshop delivered to you via email.

Your schedule:

  • Day 1: Cracking the Code of Marketing Strategy

  • Day 2: Zeroing in on Your Best Buyers

  • Day 3: Content Foundation for Impact and Sales

  • Day 4: Where to Go to Get Your Content Gets Seen

  • Day 5: Knowing the Signs That Lead to Increasing Your Profits

At the end of the 5 days you will never guess what you need to say to people in your content to get them to buy.

You'll walk away knowing exactly who you should market to, what you should say to them, and where it needs to be said to convert. 

How it works:

Every day you'll have one (1) marketing strategy-based action item to complete inside your course Notion resource. Remember, this is about action and implementation!

At the end you'll walk away with a complete marketing strategy to market and sell your high ticket service. 

This self-paced workshop includes:

  1. Digestible lessons delivered straight to your inbox over 5-days
  2. A Notion resource with 5-days of things to implement to complete your marketing strategy

Customer Reviews

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If you are operating in purpose, this class is for you!

I have been following Latesha for quite some time and she always is dropping gems as a marketing professional. She wants people to succeed because she is succeeding. I took this class to further align with my client and it was like a reminder that I was on the right path with the people I was serving. I am grateful for people that desire to see you do good genuinely. If you want to align with someone who wants to see you win, follow and sign up for one of her programs. You won’t be disappointed.