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Centralize Your Marketing Operations Dashboard for Notion

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The Centralize Your Marketing Operations (CMO) Dashboard was designed in Notion by longtime marketing veteran, Latesha Lynch, to help online business owners manage all aspects of their marketing from content planning to management, from goal setting to marketing strategy execution. Marketing experts and novices alike will be able to manage every aspect of their marketing in one place for their business. 

Whether you're writing your brand messaging, defining your target audience, planning out your weekly marketing tasks, or creating content, you will have this organized, strategic dashboard to run your marketing all in one place. 

  • Marketing Dashboard
    Helps you plan your entire business' marketing strategy, content, track and review important analytics and data, manage your brand kit, plan your goals, and manage your projects all in one place. 

  • Content Management & Repurposing System
    A simple template to manage content for all your marketing channels in one place. Never forget your best performing content and repurpose it later.

  • An All-In-One Brand System
    This dashboard is a holistic system that isn't just here for you to manage your brand, it's for you to fully experience your brand from your brand messaging, brand voice, brand assets, brand guide, media kit, and more. 

  • Marketing Channel Growth + Quarterly & Annual Goal Setting
    A bonus place for you to make your very own personal and mental dashboard with extra templates to edit, customize, and personalize so that it fits into your

Don't worry, this Notion-based Marketing Dashboard comes with both text and image directions to make sure you are able to get started right away. 

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