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Booked & Banked

Booked & Banked™ Bundle (Instagram Course Bundle)

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I created the Booked & Banked™ bundle to teach service providers and coaches how to leverage all video mediums available on Instagram to intentionally grow their visibility and connect with qualified leads for their high-ticket and premium-priced offers.

I teach simple, effective Instagram video marketing strategies that attract qualified leads for high-ticket or premium offers without needing a high-following or big list of previous client results.

Here's what courses are included in the bundle:

✅ Vireel Visibility™: the Instagram Reels course

Create videos that bring all the most qualified, aligned leads to the yard, and not just people looking for entertainment.

  • The simple hypervisibility strategy that will blow up your following and comments with ideal client profile fitting fans
  • My formula for creating head-turning quick clips of relatable content that drives curiosity and boosts engagement
  • An easy 20-minute reels planning and recording process to you can plan out and record a week’s worth of reels in 1-hour or less
  • The 3 reels content strategies that you're failing to implement driving a bunch of bots and 1 hit wonderers instead of leads & superfans 

✅ Ready, Live, Monetize™: the Instagram Live course

Master how to best use your fast pass to the front of the Instagram noise so you can warm up your most qualified leads.

  • The high-value strategy that prioritizes giving your expertise generously to build the trust, connection, and brand authority needed to sell high-ticket offers 
  • My formula for building the necessary emotional brand intimacy and human connection with your followers that will distinguish you & your brand from your competitors 
  • A simple, confidence-boosting live video messaging strategy that keeps your audience engaged and you focused on your message  
  • The only 3 things you need to do to get more eyes on your Instagram live so you can eliminate (or severely reduce) the live video sweats and eyeball watching panic

✅ From Binge to Profit™: The Instagram Video (IGTV) course 

Learn how to use my B.I.N.G.E. framework to leverage IGTV to create binge-able Instagram content that will take your ideal clients from confusion to conversion while you sleep.

  • The simple “post it and forget it” strategy that will give that’ll showcase your high-ticket program 24/7, and bring you hot leads who demand the full-price invoice instead of discounts
  • My framework to leverage IG Video (formerly IGTV) to create binge-able content that will take your ideal clients from confusion to conversion while you sleep
  • A simple “plug and play” storytelling guide, launch content strategy, and flow to plan your entire marketing strategy to promote your high-ticket or premium-priced offer
  • The brand authority building content framework that you're failing to implement is leaving your calendar empty giving you “living paycheck to paycheck” vibes

✅ 24-Hour Story Slayer™: The Instagram Stories course 

Deeply connect on a human level with your sure thing buyer and empower them to slide into your DM and demand to work with you.

  • A scientific approach to understanding how qualified leads like to buy and how you need to sell without compromising your integrity
  • My 5-step formula on how to leverage Stories to market and sell your high-ticket offer without having to leave the Instagram app (no more applications, just payments) 
  • An easy “copy-and-paste” Instagram story sales flow, prompts, and DM lead qualifiers to warm up your most qualified leads and secure the yes 
  • The only 8 categories of stories you need to create to have a steady increase of engagement, fans, and leads

And the bundle wouldn't be complete without some bonuses:

💰 BONUS #1: The 20-Minute Instagram Video Outline Training that teaches you how to plan out your Instagram video content in 20 minutes 

💰 BONUS #2: A title cheat sheet with 20 video title formulas

💰 BONUS #3: an Airtable Instagram video content hub, a resource to manage your hashtags, plan and produce your content for each of the video types, save your best content for repurposing, track your stats over time, and document all your call-to-actions all in one place

This course bundle is ideal for business owners who fit into the following categories:

  • Service providers
  • Coaches
  • Strategists
  • Consultants

If any of the below resonates with you, then you should grab the Booked & Banked™ bundle and dive right in:

  • You have a hard time articulating your problem, but you’re aware that it has to do with some aspect of marketing
  • You have a hard time articulating your value online
  • Marketing is not your strong suit
  • You haven't found a marketing strategy that works well for you
  • You understand the importance of being consistent on social media, but you’re discouraged because your efforts aren't paying off by way of leads or clients

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