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12 Week Year Hub & Planner for Notion

12 Week Year Hub & Planner for Notion

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Create your vision. Then plan, track, and achieve your business & personal goals with this planner.

The 12 Week Year is a philosophy and a tool to help you break down and manage your goals into actionable, necessary tasks in a more focused timeline. If you struggle to stick with your goals, find yourself procrastinating, or just need a better way to keep track of your business and personal goals and what it takes to hit them, then this is the resource for you!

If you read the namesake book by Brian P. Moran, then you know this concept is revolutionizing how we look at time as business owners. The simple idea is that you can maximize your productivity if you look at a 12 week period of time as if it were 1 year.  

Equipped with built in accountability, goals tracking and productivity measurement, this resource will be the thing that helps you finally finish writing that book, have a successful launch, or even submit yourself for all those speaking engagements you've been aiming for. 

This Notion template contains everything you need to plan out your next 12 week year, complete with:

  • Book Concept- The cliff notes version of the major concepts in the book
  • Vision & Goal Dashboard- 12-week year dashboard for documenting your long term vision and mid-term goals
  • Goal Tracker- Your 12 week year goal tracker broken down by quarters and months
  • Action Plan- Clear action steps with measurable outcomes 
  • Weekly & Daily Planner- Weekly and daily task planner to manage the tasks necessary to hit your goals
  • Weekly Scorecard- A weekly scorecard for self accountability and tracking success

By looking at every 12 weeks as a year, every month as a quarter, every week as a month, and every day as a week, you won't waste a second! 


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