How to Create An Evergreen Marketing Funnel on Instagram Using IG Video (Formerly IGTV)

How to Create An Evergreen Marketing Funnel on Instagram Using IG Video (Formerly IGTV)

Ready to create your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram? Keep reading to learn exactly how you can use IG Video (Formerly IGTV) to do so.

I'm willing to bet ALL of us love the idea of new, aligned leads finding us each week...without any extra effort on our part.

That is the power of setting up your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram!

Many of us associate Instagram with the constant need to create new content. It can feel like you've gotta be a content creation machine just to appease the algorithm.

But IG Videos live on your profile and create a unique experience for new leads to dive deeper. No matter how old your videos are, followers can go to your IG Video tab and binge your valuable content!

In my past few posts, I’ve outlined my signature video marketing strategy to sell your premium offers.

We’ve analyzed each step of the Atelier Latesha approved video marketing plan:

Visibility, pre-qualification, connection, the path to purchase, and marketing & sales. 

Still need to get caught up? Read this post on the 5 pillars of a successful high-ticket video marketing strategy. 

I’ve also given you a step-by-step plan to incorporate Instagram Reels and Instagram Lives into your content strategy... two video types you DEFINITELY want to be leveraging in your business. 

But without a doubt, Instagram Video is the most lucrative video format on Instagram.

Formerly known as IGTV, this Instagram feature is great for long-form content. It's an integral part of setting up your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram.

You're allowed to post videos as long as 60 minutes on your feed using Instagram videos. But today, I’m gonna ask you to keep ‘em short ‘n sweet!

The sweet spot for Instagram videos is actually only 3-5 minutes long.

Just short enough to keep people’s attention...

 ...and long enough to deliver crazy high-value content that converts viewers into clients.

Part of what makes IG Video SO profitable is you can use it to target every part of your video marketing strategy.

When you reach leads in these five ways, your evergreen funnel on Instagram will help you sell more high-ticket offers...

...with less resistance from clients.

Let's get you selling premium packages with ease.

IG Videos & Visibility

Visibility is always our starting point when it comes to video, with the goal being to get new eyes on your content!

The 2 main aims of video visibility are:

To add volume to your account and reach new followers.


To reactivate your existing followers who have been quiet or haven’t bought from you yet.

The reason IG Video is so incredible for visibility is this. 👇🏾

No matter the size of your following, IG videos help you gain visibility beyond your existing community.

Like IG Reels, this video format gets pushed out to new accounts by the Instagram algorithm.

When you create IG videos, think about how you can make something binge-worthy. Make sure it'll appeal to both your existing followers AND new audience members.

So once someone new stumbles upon your IG video, they’ll think:

“Well damn! I learned a lot from this girl, I’m gonna see what else she has to say.”

Then they can go check out your library of IG videos to binge and get absolutely hooked on what you have to offer.

The best part about Instagram videos is that they are truly evergreen.

They'll continue to draw in those brand-new followers well after the video gets posted.

But to make this happen, you *must* be using the RIGHT hashtags and keywords in your caption. Don't skip this important step!

That way, the algorithm can keep pushing your video out to people who are looking for someone just like you. And your most aligned and qualified leads will head your way in no time!

IG Videos & Pre-qualification

Tell me if you've ever been in this situation:

You get a notification that someone has booked a discovery call with you.

Great! An eager new lead.

You get so excited, dreaming about launching into a project with a new client.

But when you get on the phone with them you're simply NOT compatible.

And you try not to get discouraged.

But then it happens again…

And again…

And again…

Until it starts to have a disastrous effect on your sales call closing rate.

Not to mention you’ve wasted so much of your precious time! Time you’ll never get back.

The good news?

You can avoid this situation with the help of Instagram videos.

IG videos are the best place to pre-qualify your potential leads well before jumping on the phone with them.

That way you protect your time!

The beginning of the pre-qualifying process using IG videos starts with your title.


Who woulda thought that something so simple could be so important!

Your title has to address a point that will make them care enough to watch for 3-5 whole minutes. And that’s a lot in the world of 15-second TikTok videos!

So you need to decide…

Will your title address a pain point that your most aligned client has?

Are you honing in on a problem they're facing?

Will you be speaking to the mindset they're in right now?

You also want to pre-qualify your leads in different ways depending on the stage of your launch.

In the beginning, you'll want to draw in more people by focusing on their pain points and desires.

Toward the end of your launch, you want to clear up any final misconceptions your leads may still have about your offer.

This weeds out the people who still don't believe in what you do.

You only want to work with people who are 100% invested in you and your methods. Be selective and only work with folks who are confident you can support them. 

When you talk about this in your IG videos, you'll find that you're only getting on the phone with qualified leads.

IG Video is the best place to seal the deal and connect with leads who align with your values and way of working!

IG Videos & Connection

I am all for pricing your offers at what they're truly worth.

I can’t stand when I see capable, intelligent experts underselling their services.

It makes me crazy!

But with that said, if you're selling your offers at a premium price point, you need to have some perspective.

You are asking clients to make a massive investment.

Whether that’s $2000 or $10, doesn’t matter!

You must invest time into building trust and connection with your potential clients. They need to feel heard, seen, and respected to pay that premium price.

Here’s where people go wrong with IG videos…

They think that because IG videos stay on your feed as part of your evergreen marketing funnel, they need to look perfect and polished.

They couldn’t be more wrong!

Your audience craves a connection with you.

So get out there, show up on video, and speak like a human being.

Let your personality and quirks shine through. I guarantee that people will respond to this WAY more than some stuffy, scripted video.

Talk to your leads as if you know them and care about them.

Show them you can walk them through their pain points and help them find a solution with care.

Your IG video is the place to chat as if you were having a candid conversation with a friend.

You want to convey the message:

“Listen, I’ve been where you are and I want you to know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!"

Your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram allows you to build huge amounts of like, know and trust with your audience!

IG Videos & The Path to Purchase

The path to purchase is where you take your most aligned, qualified followers from confusion to conversion.

You paint a complete picture for them. You guide them the entire way, right through from the beginning until the end.

They’ll start in the unaware stage where they have no idea of the true problems they face in their business.

Then, you help them identify what struggles they have and lead them into the awareness stage.

After that, you have to make them aware that there is a solution out there. Make them realize - things don’t always have to be this way.

And finally, you need to make sure that they know that you and your offer are the solutions they need! YOU are the answer to overcoming the pain point they’ve been struggling with for months or even years.

This process takes time, effort, and patience. People are not always easily convinced.

But you know what helps move people along from one stage to another and speeds up that process?

Instagram videos.

These powerful 3-5 minute videos allow you to hold a viewer's attention and influence them to buy. More so than any other content form.

Once I started leveraging IG videos at the path to purchase stage, the results shocked me.

by how I was able to…

  • Generate leads
  • Nurture aligned viewers
  • Help my warmest leads overcome their fears
  • Share logistics and details

And most importantly, actually close sales.

By using Instagram videos, I have my path to purchase completely mapped out. I'm able to direct leads from confusion to conversion all through a few binge-able videos.

So many clients have told me they get sucked in by my IG videos.

They watch them one by one on my page. By the end of the last clip, they're so compelled by the journey I've taken them on. Pretty soon, they're up in my DMs asking when I can send over an invoice so we can get started!

It’s like magic!

(Magic that takes a lotta work, but still.)

Remember, you want to think of yourself as a navigation system for your leads.  Your job is to get your prospect from point A to point B.

Don’t leave potential clients driving around in circles looking for an address with no directions!

Direct them through every single turn, so no one gets lost along the way.

For your leads to become clients, make sure you're telling the whole story with your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram! 

IG Videos & Sales

So this is it.

You’ve laid the groundwork to have your most aligned and qualified clients who are piping hot and ready to buy. 

And believe it or not - this is actually when so many online entrepreneurs back off and say: 

“Well, my work here is done.”

I’m here to tell you - it is absolutely NOT.

Now that your aligned leads are waiting to bite, you need to go ahead and ask for the sale.

No waffling 

No subtle hints

No more playing games

This is what you’ve been waiting for, isn’t it?

So go out there - and get it!

You’ve already strategically walked your leads through the story of your launch via IG video.

So at this final stage of your evergreen marketing funnel, there shouldn’t be all that much left to do.

Your leads are ready to say yes.

So let them know in your IG videos that this is their last step! If they are ready to make a change in their life and their business, it's time to invest in your premium offer.

Be direct. Tell them straight up that there are five spots left and to DM you to claim one, rather than leaving the onus of them to apply via the link in bio. 

Listen - I know you’re ready to start leveraging your Instagram videos more effectively to sell your high-ticket offers.

And now, you have the blueprint for where this type of content fits into your evergreen marketing funnel on Instagram.

First, you use your IG videos to up your visibility and re-engage those clients who need a little push.

Next, you’re gonna follow that up with some content that helps your most aligned, and qualified clients know that they are in the right place.

And while you’re at it, you’re making sure to nurture a genuine connection with your audience. Make them feel like you’re besties - you really get them!

Then it’s time to walk them through the buyer's journey from start to finish. No skipping steps and no leaving anyone behind. 

Finally, you convert that follower into a real paying client and you’ve got yourself a sale!

Wanna master the art of creating videos that make your high-ticket offer an easy YES for clients? Let me teach you.

My course, From Binge to Profit™, is designed to show you how to use my B.I.N.G.E. framework to leverage IGTV to create binge-able Instagram content that will take your ideal clients from confusion to conversion while you sleep.

This is a digestible, actionable course for service-based experts, strategists, and coaches who want to use IGTV video on Instagram to better position themselves as industry experts. 

By taking this course you’ll be able to start booking speaking opportunities, paid guest coaching spots, and have ideal clients sliding into your DMs to invest in your high-ticket and premium offers. 

Are you ready? 

Sign up now.

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