5 Unique Ways To Leverage Instagram Reels to Sell Your High-Ticket Offers

5 Unique Ways To Leverage Instagram Reels to Sell Your High-Ticket Offers

There’s no denying it….video visibility can make or break your high-ticket marketing strategy.

If there’s one thing you can do today to get more visible and convert more ideal clients, it’s creating video content!

And right now, short-form videos are all the rage on social media.

Last week I did a deep dive into the five core parts of your video marketing strategy.

Those 5 parts are:

  1. Visibility
  2. Pre-qualification
  3. Connection
  4. The path to purchase
  5. Sales & promotion.

There are endless styles of video content you can incorporate into your high-ticket marketing ecosystem.

But today, I want to hone in on Instagram Reels.

I hear y’all when you tell me how much you hate making Reels.

But believe me when I tell you that it’s undeniable how powerful they are for selling your premium offers.

If you’re not so convinced - stick around!

I’m going to show you exactly how to leverage Instagram Reels to market your high-ticket offers.

Instagram Reels for Video Visibility

Your very first focus when it comes to your video marketing ecosystem is always, always, always going to be visibility. 

Feel free to refer back to yesterday’s blog on the five core parts of a high-ticket marketing strategy if you need a more in-depth explanation of visibility.

But the long and short of it is this:

You need to get yourself seen online.

There are two main aims when it comes to visibility, and luckily, Reels can help with both of them. 

  • First and foremost, visibility helps you add volume (i.e. adding new followers!)
  • And secondly, visibility is what helps you reactivate your existing followers. 

Maybe they’ve been a bit quiet because they didn’t need your previous offers, but now you need to make yourself known to them again.

Reels are absolutely perfect for upping your video visibility.

If you’re an online entrepreneur thinking:

“I don’t have a big following! I won’t be able to gain traction with my Reels.”

Here’s what you need to know: 

No matter the size of your following, Reels give you the highest visibility out of ALL the Instagram content forms. 

Even small accounts with only a few hundred followers have the potential to get thousands of new eyeballs on their content.

That’s because right now, Reels are highly favored by the Instagram algorithm. Meaning you have a much higher chance of showing up on the explore page of your next aligned and qualified lead.

Reels also remind your existing followers that you’re still here, showing up and providing value for them! 

And the more your existing followers engage with your Reels, the better. This will give you another boost with the algorithm, helping you get pushed out to more and more people. 

It creates an amazing snowball effect, where your existing community helps you grow your following while getting nurtured by your valuable content! 

Reels are THE cheat code to grow on Instagram, especially if you have a small following. 


The second part of your video marketing ecosystem is to make sure you are prequalifying your clients.

When you pre-qualify clients via your content, you’re making it crystal clear what kind of clients you are best suited to work with.

You’re creating videos specifically for people who are aligned and qualified to invest in your services.

By pre-qualifying your leads, you prevent your precious time from being wasted. 

When I first started my business, I would get on a sales call with just about anyone!

I worked night and day to book consultation calls with people because I was convinced it would help me get clients.

The issue was I hadn’t prequalified anyone. I ended up wasting hours talking to people who were not the slightest bit compatible with me or my work. 

This is why prequalification is SO key. Because I know you’ve got better things to be doing with your time!

How Do Reels Help Pre-Qualify Your Audience? 

I like to think of Reels as the very beginning of the pre-qualifying process.

At this point, people are coming to you as cold leads, and your Reels let them know straight away if you're the type of person who they’d connect with.  

You can call in your ideal client by making Reels that would appeal to your specific target demographic. When you create videos that address their questions, struggles, fears, desires, you’re bringing in a specific type of follower who you know you’ll be able to serve through your services. 

One caveat with Reels is they’re not the place to get too deep. Instead, address their pain points in a more surface-level way.

Remember, Reels are just quick and casual, so keep things light and fun! You can get into the nitty-gritty on your IG lives, IG videos, or your Youtube channel. 

Another thing to remember is you’re able to address a bit more of a broader audience with Reels than with other video types. 

Because again, the goal here is volume. Reels are meant to get us visibility and attract new audiences. So we’re not getting into the specifics of who is qualified for our offer, but rather creating content that will generally attract people in that demographic.

You want people to see your Reels and think, “I feel like she’s really speaking to me. I’m gonna head over to her account and see what she’s all about!”

Save the details for later!


The third part of the video marketing ecosystem is connection and trust.

If you’re selling high-ticket offers, clients need to feel a deep sense of connection and trust before they’re ready to invest thousands of dollars into your work.

When it comes to using Reels to increase your video visibility, they’re more helpful for the connection part of this equation.

Usually, trust is built through deep content. Think high-value posts that showcase your expertise.

Reels, on the other hand, are casual. There’s only so much information you can cram into 15 or 30-second clips, so save building trust for your longer-form content. 

But you absolutely CAN use Reels to build connection with your audience.

Use Reels to show your relatability and your sparkly personality. Let your freak flag fly!

Your aligned and qualified clients want to see that you are a human being behind the screen. 

Whether you’re funny, bubbly or sarcastic…don’t hide your authentic self. By showing up as yourself in full force, your audience will start to know and love you!

Focus on using Reels to relate to your audience and their pain points, their joys, their sense of humor, their aspirations, or even their heartbreaks.

Drive their curiosity.

Make your old followers think, “Damn, I love this girl, she's just GETS me.”

And make your new followers think, “She seems like someone I could be friends with! I wanna know more…I’m gonna give her a follow!” 

Path to Purchase

Once you’ve started upping your video visibility, prequalified some leads, and nurtured a connection with them, it’s time to lead them down the path to purchase.

Again, this is all explained in great detail in yesterdays’s post on the 5 core parts of high-ticket marketing strategy. But to keep it brief, I’m referring to the buyer's journey.

This is all about taking your most aligned and qualified leads from confusion to conversion.

While longer-form video content addresses people in a deeper way throughout the buyer’s journey, Reels have their place, too.

What I like to do is create supplementary reels content that relates to, or highlights, one of the points from my long-form videos 

I use Reels to call in and connect with leads at different stages in their buyer’s journey.

Whether they’re in the problem unaware stage, problem awareness stage, solution awareness stage, or the ‘you’ awareness stage…

I make content that is targeted to people at each one of those stages.

Then, I direct those people towards my long-form video content that will help them move towards the next stage in their buyer’s journey. 

Say for example, I was a Systems Expert and I had IG Live about five things that might be going wrong in your business due to a lack of systems.

In the live, I’m going into a lot of detail and helping people move through the buyer’s journey. The content is helping shift their perspective on systems and get educated on the problem. They’re beginning to realize all of the different ways this problem is showing up in their business - from a mismanaged team, to bad work-life balance and so much more.

While the IG live gets to the heart of these pain points, the Reel addresses them in a more light-hearted way. Maybe you have some relatable content about wanting to pull your hair out because you have no systems in your business!

You can combine short-form and long-form videos to make your marketing that much more powerful. 

Reels can help you strategically address aligned clients in different stages of the buyer's journey while conveniently increasing your video visibility.

Sales and Promotion

And of course, the reason we’re doing all of this in the first place - making the sale!

Asking for the sale isn’t always easy, but when you have all five parts of your video marketing strategy in place, it’s infinitely easier. 

So, how do Reels fit into the sales phase? 

I will be the first person to say that Reels are the WRONG place to ask for the sale.

Can you imagine seeing a video of someone smiling and dancing, with text on the screen saying “Click the link in my bio to purchase my $3000 offer!”

No way would I be pulling out my credit card!

But there are some more subtle Reels strategies you can use to help boost your sales.

One way to do this is to showcase the success stories of people who you’ve worked with who’ve achieved fantastic results.

Think of Reels as mini commercials to show what your clients are capable of!

Show some aspirational content and get your aligned leads excited to finally make the leap and do business with you.

While you shouldn’t rely on Reels to sell your offers, this kind of social proof will show your audience that your work is truly worth the investment. 

When it’s all broken down like this it’s easy to see just how integral Reels are in your video marketing strategy for your high-ticket offers.

They have the power to nurture your existing community while helping you grow your account exponentially in the process!

There’s seriously no reason not to be doing them in 2022.

If you are ready to harness the potential of Instagram Reels in your own high-ticket marketing strategy, I have something for you.

My online course Vireel Visibility will teach you how to create Instagram reels that bring all the aligned leads straight to the yard.

Gone will be the days of making Reels simply to serve people looking for entertainment.

Through taking this course you’ll be able to reach aligned leads who would actually want to do business with you.

You can purchase and begin this course today, and watch as your new and improved Reels take your video visibility to the next level! 

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