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Atelier Latesha

VIP Day- Signature Offer & Suite

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$3,000.00 USD
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$3,000.00 USD

Signature Offer Suite VIP Day is your go-to strategy for creating aligned, high-ticket offers

Let's create your next level signature offer that fits perfectly with your brand's vision and your clients' evolving needs driving consistent client engagement, retention, and revenue.

In the Signature Offer Suite VIP Day, we'll work together to create or improve your signature offer and suite, making sure they attract and keep your best clients through every stage of their journey.

We'll fine-tune your offers, craft messages that resonate, and plan a launch that increases your income and keeps clients coming back for more.

    After completing your VIP Experience, you'll walk away with:

    • Customized Signature Offer Design: A uniquely crafted offer that resonates with your brand and captivates your ideal clients.
    • Aligned Offer Suite Strategy: A seamless integration of your offers, ensuring a consistent and compelling client journey.
    • Effective Launch Roadmap: A clear and actionable plan to introduce your offers to the market with impact.
    • Comprehensive Messaging Framework: Tailored messaging that distinctly communicates the value and uniqueness of your offers.
    • Strategic Content Plan: Guidance on content creation to consistently engage and convert your target audience.