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Her Marketing Coach

6- Week Marketing Strategy Sprint

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$4,500.00 USD

Marketing Strategy Sprint 

Helping you come up with the marketing messaging and co-creating your marketing strategy to help you align your content with your business goals. 

Here's what we will work on within 6-weeks:

  1. Creating the messaging strategy for your offers to set the foundation for your content strategy

  2. Auditing your existing marketing content to set the foundation of how to improve your marketing strategy

  3. Developing your marketing & content strategy to hit your brand and business goals

  4. Hosting 2 60-minute implementation sessions to review what you've completed and to answer your marketing questions

Thia is a not cookie cutter, framework limited strategy.

Don't think you're coming to just a 2-hour version of my existing programs! The marketing and content strategy will be unique to your situation, goals, business model, and marketing style. 

Don't worry, if you like how I do some of my marketing strategies, I'm happy to talk through what I do and why and how we might be able to integrate the marketing strategy into your business. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Step 1- sign your agreement & complete your payment to get access to booking 
  2. Step 2- book your initial Messaging VIP Day  to reserve your date and time
  3. Step 3- I'll complete your audit and we'll come up with your marketing & content strategy
  4. Step 4- You'll have 4 weeks to start implementing the strategy with 2 60-minute sessions for support and Q&A