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Atelier Latesha

2 Hour Strategy Session

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$2,000.00 USD

2-Hour Strategy Session 

Providing you a marketing strategy turn your ideas into actions and get the marketing work done in your business without to committing to a long-term program, course, or contractor.

Here's what we can cover in a marketing strategy session: 

  1. Creating a new lead magnet or revamping an old one

  2. Content planning

  3. Annual marketing planning

  4. Marketing strategy

These are not cookie cutter, framework limited strategy sessions.

Don't think you're coming to just a 2-hour version of my existing programs! The marketing strategy will be unique to your situation, goals, business model, and marketing style. 

Don't worry, if you like how I do some of my marketing strategies, I'm happy to talk through what I do and why and how we might be able to integrate the marketing strategy into your business. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Step 1- pay to get access to booking your strategy session (Wednesdays or Thursdays between 10 AM - 3 PM EDT only with few exceptions for previous clients in countries where this is IMPOSSIBLE
  2. Step 2- book your strategy session to reserve your date and time
  3. Step 3- let's get to work in your 2-hour session where we will accomplish what you selected as your focus
  4. Step 4- I'll provide any final notes and resources promised during the session within 48 business hours


  1. What can we cover during a strategy session
    1. Creating a new lead magnet or revamping an old one
    2. Marketing strategy
    3. Content planning
  2. Can I send you documents or things to review to prepare for our session?
    1. Yes, there is prework where you can submit everything I need to prepare for the strategy session. We'll discuss it all during the session.
  3. Do I get Voxer access or access after the session?
    1. No, the strategy session is where you'll want to ask all your questions. However, feel free to add on a month of Voxer support from the onboarding page options when you get there.