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Her Marketing Coach

Marketing Strategy Shift

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This package includes a content audit and 2 hour marketing strategy session


1: Content Clarity Scan 

This service acts as an in-depth analysis of your current marketing content and its alignment with your sales and marketing strategies.

Here's My Process: 




I’ll review a diverse sample of your existing marketing content from various channels like website content, social media posts, email marketing, and blogs. This stage is to evaluate consistency, quality, and relevance of your brand voice & messaging

Next, I’ll assess how well your existing content aligns with your marketing objectives and sales goals. I’ll identify if your content effectively hits the different stages of the customer journey from awareness to conversion. 

Lastly, I’ll analyze your content engagement and feedback to evaluate how effectively your content guides actions such as purchases or registrations. 


What the Content Clarity Scan Covers:

  1. A comprehensive analysis of existing content, capturing the current state of your marketing efforts.

  2. Fine-tuning and aligning the content with your marketing and sales goals for precise impact.

  3. Transforming insights into actionable strategies to convert content effectiveness into tangible business results.

2. 2-Hour Strategy Session 

Providing you a marketing strategy turn your ideas into actions and get the marketing work done in your business without to committing to a long-term program, course, or contractor.
Don't think you're coming to just a 2-hour version of my existing programs! The marketing strategy will be unique to your situation, goals, business model, and marketing style. 

Don't worry, if you like how I do some of my marketing strategies, I'm happy to talk through what I do and why and how we might be able to integrate the marketing strategy into your business. 

    Here's how it works:

    1. Step 1- Once you checkout, you'll receive an email confirmation  
    2. Step 2- I'll send you a form to share your content platforms and content samples for the audit
    3. Step 3- I'll provide you with your analysis and recommendations
    4. Step 4- We'll have our 2-hour marketing strategy session to talk through how you will shift your marketing to hit your goals