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Her Marketing Coach

Content Planning VIP Day

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$3,000.00 USD

Content Planning VIP Day 

Partnering with you to make it easier for you to create content to market and sell your offers. That means we'll talk about what needs to be covered, and then the first round of content creation is on me!

Here's what we will work on:

  1. Creating the content strategy for your offers

  2. A content creation framework that actually matches your energy and schedule

  3. 30 days of content planned for you to get your started

This is a not cookie cutter, framework limited strategy. The marketing and content strategy will be unique to your situation, goals, business model, and marketing style. 

Don't worry, if you like how I do some of my marketing content, I'm happy to talk through what I do and why and how we might be able to integrate the marketing strategy into your business. 

Here's how it works:

  1. Step 1- sign your agreement & complete your payment to get access to booking 
  2. Step 2- book your content VIP Day  to reserve your date and time
  3. Step 3- We'll hang for 2 hours and come up with your content strategy for your offers