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Booked Out CEO VIP Experience

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Booked Out CEO VIP Experience is a custom 30-day live launch marketing strategy and content plan for premium offers. 

This done-with-you service is ideal for service providers, coaches, and strategists who want a high-converting, custom, “I’m about to work with my dream clients,” live launch email & video content for their premium signature offer.

You want to launch your services and attract ideal clients without burnout.

But so far, you've found it difficult to find the time to come up with your launch content for social media and email all while also needing to record the content, create the graphics, and run your business (and life). 

This has caused you to feel overwhelmed and under pressure to get it all done and still hit your launch goals while simultaneously trying to work in the business, manage your life and get sleep. 

You are a busy CEO who shouldn't have to do everything on her own.

The real problem isn't you, your expertise, or your offer. It's the lack of a marketing strategy and content plan for your launch!

I understand that you are used to getting it all done, but when you're busy serving your paying clients it's hard to make the time or muster up the energy to acquire more. And yet, marketing and sales are what you know you have to do to hit your goals. 

I specialize in providing experts with a proven, repeatable launch content strategy I created from what I learned over 16 years as a B2B marketing expert and a multi-6-figure service-providing entrepreneur.

In the Booked Out CEO VIP Experience, you'll:

  1. Get a proven, high-converting content plan and marketing strategy
  2. Increase your visibility, impact, and reach with qualified leads
  3. Get custom-written Instagram captions, email sequences, and templates for your launch 
  4. Live launch with confidence using a simple funnel for your email and Instagram social media channel (but rest assured this strategy has also worked for my LinkedIn, Youtube and TikTok users with some adjustments)

In this 2 day experience we'll cover both your marketing strategy and content plan. 


High-Ticket Foundation focused on a customized marketing strategy that follows my unique V.I.P. Framework that gets your brand visible, allows you to create intentional content, and have a profitable launch.

  • Get clear on your most valuable person so your offer content can speak directly to their soul
  • Map out a clear path to yes or no for qualified leads so your messaging can lead them to a decision
  • Hone in on a positioning strategy that will give your offer an edge over your closest competitors so your copy and language highlights what makes you the best choice
  • Outline a magnetic launch storyline and primary video titles to prepare for the launch content plan


High-Converting Social Media Content focused on a brand authority-building marketing plan that follows my proprietary 3P Brand Amplification Formula seamlessly guides qualified leads from confusion to conversion.

  • Create content to drive curiosity and awareness for your offer before it launches
  • Receive a customized live launch plan that gives you high visibility and showcases your unique value
  • Get everything you need so you can schedule your content or just show up on video and deliver your content including outlines, creative direction, and prompts
  • Reuse the content calendar for every launch, because you’ll have a repeatable system and strategy for launch content generation generation

After your VIP Experience you'll walk away with: 

  1. Custom Email Sequences And Templates With An Email Calendar

  2. Repeatable Use Launch Resources

  3. Clarity On Exactly Who Your Most Aligned, Qualified Leads Are

  4. A Roadmap To Take Them From Follower To Buyer

  5. High-Converting Launch Content