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Booked & Banked

Booked & Banked™ 10-Week Accelerator

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$2,500.00 USD

A 10-week interactive course learning and live workshop experience where you’ll learn how to leverage all video types available on Instagram to intentionally grow your visibility and connect with qualified leads for your high-ticket and premium-priced offers.

This is not just a course, this is a truly interactive experience. 

Over 10-weeks you’ll not only will you have access to the Booked & Banked™ Bundle which includes the following courses: 

👉🏾 Vireel Visibility™- Create videos that bring all the most qualified, aligned leads to the yard, and not just people looking for entertainment 

👉🏾 Ready, Live, Monetize™- Master how to best use your fast pass to the front of the Instagram noise so you can warm up your most qualified leads

👉🏾 From Binge to Profit™- Learn how to use my B.I.N.G.E. framework to leverage IGTV to create binge-able Instagram content that will take your ideal clients from confusion to conversion while you sleep

👉🏾 24-Hour Story Slayer™- Deeply connect on a human level with your sure thing buyer and empower them to slide into your DM and demand to work with you

And bonus resources 

👉🏾 Video Title Formulas ($47 value)

👉🏾 20-Minute Instagram Video Outline Training ($99 value)

👉🏾 Instagram Video Planning Hub ($247 value)

👉🏾 Instagram Video Editing 101 ($99 value) 

But since we all know most people don’t finish courses when left all alone this experience includes: 

Access to a private Facebook community

This community is exclusively for anyone enrolled in the Accelerator. Every Friday there is a live Q&A session (you can submit your questions throughout the week). 

Three 2-hour Live Workshops 

You’ll have 2 full weeks to get through 1 of the courses in the Booked & Banked™ Bundle followed by a live 2-hour workshop to plan out your content for that video type covered in the course. We’ll host a workshop for Instagram Reels, Live, and IG Video (formerly IGTV). 

At the end of the 10-weeks you will:

  • Master how to use all 4 video types on Instagram specifically to market and sell high ticket offers 
  • Have a repeatable strategy to create impactful and intentional video content consistently
  • Plan 60-days worth of video content
  • Learn processes to save you time when planning out your content in the future

This Accelerator is ideal for you if:

  • You have a hard time articulating your problem, but you’re aware that it has to do with some aspect of marketing
  • You have a hard time articulating your value online
  • Marketing is not your strong suit
  • You haven't found a marketing strategy that works well for you
  • You understand the importance of being consistent on social media, but you’re discouraged because your efforts aren't paying off by way of leads or clients

Best for people selling or wants to sell high-ticket services and coaching programs between $2K-$10K.

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