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Her Marketing Coach

1 Hour Strategy Session

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1-Hour Strategy Session 

Providing you a marketing strategy turn your ideas into actions and get the marketing work done in your business without to committing to a long-term program, course, or contractor.
During this strategy session we will come up with your marketing strategy for the next quarter. During the session we'll discuss:
  • Your top 3 marketing and sales objectives
  • The key results you need to achieve to hit those objectives
  • 1 campaign you should do to hit 1 of those objectives
  • campaign objectives to measure success
  • the strategy behind the campaign to complete those campaign objectives

Here's how it works:

  1. Step 1- pay to get access to booking your strategy session (Tuesdays or Thursdays between 10 AM - 3 PM EDT only with few exceptions for previous clients in countries where this is IMPOSSIBLE
  2. Step 2- Once payment is received I'll send you a link to book your strategy session to reserve your date and time
  3. Step 3- we'll get to work in your 1-hour session 
  4. Step 4- I'll provide any final notes and resources promised during the session within 48 business hours


    1. Can I send you documents or things to review to prepare for our session?
      1. Yes, there is prework where you can submit everything I need to prepare for the strategy session. We'll discuss it all during the session.
    2. Do I get Voxer access or support after the session?
      1. No, the strategy session is where you'll want to ask all your questions.